ISTL have long known the importance of fire safety and protection and are able to offer a comprehensive range of passive and active fire protection systems.

Forging relationships with suppliers such as Siemens Build Technology and specialists like Hall & Kay, ISTL are swiftly moving to the forefront of the South Wales market in fire technologies.

Working closely with consultants and main contractors, ISTL are able to translate even the most demanding fire strategies into a successful and fire-safe installation.
Range of Services
Fire Alarms
ISTL are proud to have become a Siemens Building Technology Fire Product Value Added Partner, fully trained in the application, engineering and commissioning of the Sinteso fire control system

The Sinteso system is a very flexible installation, allowing the client to protect a very small property with ease and comfort or extend the system to multiple zones in a large property, and react to the individual fire protection needs of each zone as they vary throughout an installation, incorporating domestic, commercial and industrial requirements.

Sprinkler Systems
Active fire protection is the best way to mitigate damage to property and threats to occupants that result from fire and smoke. ISTL have a team dedicated to the successful design, installation and commissioning of sprinkler systems and recently completed our largest network of protection to date; again at the Llanishen Extra Care Facility for Linc Cymru, this time in partnership with Hall and Kay.

The wider application of BS 9999:2008 will greatly increase the need for sprinkler protection, with ISTL’s BAFSA accreditation and experience gained thus far, the company is ideally placed to provide our clients with the very best in sprinkler protection.

Dry Risers
In the event that the fire brigade are required to out a fire a dry riser system allows the safe, secure and successful transfer of high pressure high volume water supply to each level of a completed building. Providing such durable and secure installations greatly increases the client’s ability to protect their property and its occupants, even in the event of a serious fire.

Smoke Ventilation
The greatest threat to occupant safety is not fire, but smoke. Occupants are regular killed or impaired by smoke inhalation and prevented from escape by the disorientation caused by visual impairment. Working in close proximity with our suppliers, ISTL provide the best possible provision for occupant safety in the case of fire - smoke ventilation. By analysing the movement of smoke through a building’s plan we are able to safely clear the exit routes of smoke, allowing escapees to breath clean air and exit easily.

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