ISTL Green - Range of Services
Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation

Simply by greatly reducing the loss of heat through your walls and roof, insulation will evenly maintain the temperature in your home and allow you to maintain the same temperatures at a greatly reduced cost. ISTL are entering a commercial partnership with Eaga, the premier company in loft and cavity insulation, to potentially help homeowners save over £250 a year on their heating bills. These installations can be assisted by government grants of between 50% and 100% of cost and so are immediately beneficial, both financially and environmentally.

Boiler Replacement

The inefficiency of many gas and oil boilers wastes huge amounts of energy and money in people’s homes, a new ‘A rated’ boiler uses less fuel for the same amount of heating and hot water. ISTL are registered with HEES to provide subsidised boilers to people in Wales, click here to learn more.

Solar Thermal Installation

By harnessing the power of the sun homeowners can reduce their reliance on the electricity or gas used to heat water in their homes, vastly reducing the environmental impact of the occupants and their energy bills. The installation of solar panels/tubes on a domestic property, coupled with a specially designed cylinder will reduce a building’s reliance on electricity, gas or oil to heat the hot water demanded by the occupants. This can save over £200 a year on a domestic property’s costs of heating their running water. Contrary to popular belief direct sunlight is not required to energise the solar panels, the normal levels of daylight experienced in the UK are more than sufficient.

Photovoltaic solar installation
This type of installation is designed to harness the sun’s power to create electricity that can be used by the occupants of the property or even sold back to the utility provider on a pre-agreed price deal. Click here for examples of ISTL’s solar installations.

Heat Recovery and Ventilation

By allowing heat to dissipate and escape from buildings we are all guilty of inefficiency. Heat recovery units collect the heat from rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms and re-circulate it via a heat exchange with outside air, providing fresh temperate air changes that reduce reliance on heating installations that rely on electricity or gas.

Rainwater Harvesting/Grey Water

This simple premise collects the rainwater and/or grey-water (waste water generated by domestic activities such as dishwashing and laundry) from your home and stores it in a reservoir tank, filtered and treated before being linked into a property’s WC cisterns, outside water taps or other non-potable (not drinking) water needs, effectively recycling water to reduce your bills and usage.

Air Source Heat Pumps

These clever units work in the reverse manner to a refrigerator - by extracting heat from the outside air and pumping it into your home to heat air or water as required. With the right conditions they can be used as a stand alone method of heating your home, or otherwise as a subsidiary to other heating systems. They do not need high outside temperatures to work efficiently and can even pull heat from outside air when the temperature is as low minus 15OC!

Ground Source Heat Pumps

By installing coils in the ground surrounding your home you can draw benefit from the constant temperature of the soil all year round. The coils are filled with a mixture of water and antifreeze which travels through the system to perform a heat exchange that is best used to heat circulated air in your property. This can reduce carbon emissions greatly and slash electric heating bills.

Water Saving Products

The amount of flow from a shower or tap is very often far more than is required to fulfil our domestic requirements. By assessing the water needs of your home and measuring the flows from your outlets, ISTL Green can install a number of devices that reduce water waste, such as flow restrictors and blending valves as well as a ‘smart’ metering system that allows you to monitor how much water you use – helping you save money and water by making informed choices.

Biomass Boilers

This innovation has a distinctly old-world feel. Wood waste is transformed into compressed fuel pellets that burn at high temperatures for a long time. The heat generated by this can be used to fulfil all your running and heating water needs. The system is best used to replace old oil or electric systems in areas where gas provision is difficult to secure.

Energy Monitoring

Only by understanding how much electricity we use in our homes and businesses can we begin to change our habits to reduce energy wastage and use. Energy monitoring clearly demonstrates to homeowners what affect their appliance use has on their energy bills so that habits and usage can be managed to reduce CO2 emissions and energy bills.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines use the energy of air-movement to create and store electrical energy. Such units are ideal for small scale lighting and power in remote areas, reducing dependence on the national grid and the associated costs with cabling etc.

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